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Photo gallery: Faces of the Veendam Deck Dept.

The boys from the Bridge. Captain, Chief Officer, Senior and Junior Navigators, Security officer and the Quartermasters

One of the myriad of crew trainings that is going onboard our ships. Crewmembers attend a six week lifboat handler proficiency course given by the Officer Lifesaving. The training entails the lowering and manuvering of the lifeboats, how to righten an overturned liferaft and how to keep everybody safe and alive while inside a lifeboat or liferaft. There is a practical and theoritical exam at the end of the course and when passed, each participant receives a certificate issued by the Dutch government. All lifesaving officers have received special training in the Netherlands so that they are qualified and authorised to give these training classes. Here we see the Veendam class of autumn 2007.

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  1. Great pics Capt. Thanks for posting them!! Quick question if you don’t mind; the self-inflatable life rafts like the one being righted in the pic of the aft pool of the ship, how are they launched from their containers in case of an emergency and, due to the height differential between the LP deck (S & R ships)/Promenade deck (Vista’s) and the surface of the water, how does the crew board them?

    Dankuwel en hoop dat u nog zal genieten van de rest van uw vakantie!

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