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Stenger, Geert.

Capt. Stenger Geert 1890 small

Capt. G. Stenger was a ships master in the 1890’s.


  1. My Grandpa (1898-1983) has made, on the s.s. Rijndam and the s.s. Rotterdam (IV) as ‘Pantry Boy 1st Class’ in 1914/1915, two journeys from Rotterdam to New York and vice versa.
    I know this from his N.A.S.M. Pocketbook that I ‘inherited’ after his death. It also states (with signatures) that his captain on the s.s. Rijndam was P. van den Heuvel, and on the S.S. Rotterdam Captain G. Stenger.
    A lot has been described about Pieter van de Heuvel on this site.
    But (almost) nothing mentioned about Geert Stenger. While he still had an impressive track record at the HAL. And in Groningen as ‘sea hero’ is considered according to this article: https://www.deverhalenvangroningen.nl/alle-verhalen/geert-stenger-groninger-zeeheld-bij-toeval
    Perhaps also interesting to mention it here (after permission?).
    Regards, Jan

    • Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog.

      The reason that I do not have posted much about Capt. Stenger is because I am still digging. I am ware of the information on the website, link that you posted. I even have the grave suspicion and some of the sources for this article, came from me via other 3rd parties during informal discussion. Not that I mind, the more that is published, the better it is. The bio of Capt. Stenger will appear in due course as soon as I have been able to confirm some information about him that I received but based on “family lore”.

      Best regards

      Capt. Albert

  2. Hi,

    I kind of went down a rabbit hole because I started out with the flight schedules of the Hindenburg but ended up on passenger lists of old routes for migration. Since I also live practically in Rotterdam, I picked Holland America Line as first and saw the first record available is that captain Stenger and found this post. The name Van den Heuvel is also mentioned in the crew list (and 151 passengers). It was on the Spaarndam though.

    SS Spaarndam Passenger List – 7 September 1899
    Commander: Captain G. Stenger
    Chief Officer: Van den Heuvel
    Chief Engineer: Sauer
    Physician: Dr. Harrington
    Purser: Spruyt
    Chief Steward: Vogelzang

    The first log I found on that website from the SS Rotterdam is of February, 2nd, 1904

    Senior Officers and Staff:
    Commander: Captain G. Stenger
    Chief Officer: Van der Goot
    Chief Engineer: Steenwyk
    Purser: Bödenz
    Physician: Dr. Henderson
    Chief Steward: Hooft

    First one of the Rijndam/Ryndam:
    12 September 1908 but with a lot more passengers and not with Cpt Stenger, but A. Roggeveen.

    All other sailing companies from that era their passenger logs, postcards and other info when available:

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