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Heymans, Edouard Guillame Adolphe.

Capt. Heymans E.G.A  B small

Captain Edouard, Guillaume, Aldophe, Heymans was born on the 14th.  Of June 1910 in Schaerbeek Belgium.

 He joined HAL as a cadet on 30 July 1929.

 4th officer on 22 September 1933

3rd officer on 2 January 1936

2nd officer 7 Augustus 1937

Chief officer 8 December 1946

Captain 4 April 1951


While in command of the cargoship Kerkedyk he arrives on 22 march 1956 in New York while towing the Arendsdyk. This ship had a damaged reduction gear and had no own propulsion..

 After 32 years at sea he becomes captain of the Maasdam in 1961. Then he is promoted to the ss Rotterdam in 1963.

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  1. John van Kuijk (archiefcom "de Lijn")

    July 15, 2018 at 9:30 am

    Het incident vond plaats in april 1958 ipv 22 maart 1956

    De “Arendsdyk”, kapitein B.M. Maazen, had onderweg van Rotterdam naar New Orleans op 26 april te kampen met turbineschade, die niet door de bemanning kon worden hersteld.
    De “Kerkedyk”, kapitein E.G.A. Heymans, was in de buurt en sleepte het schip 1300 mijl naar New York. Daar arriveerde de sleep op 5 mei.

    Boer, G.J. de “125 jaar Holland Amerika Lijn”; uitg. De Alk, Alkmaar 1998; ISBN 90 6013 074 X
    pag. 108
    en Het Vrije Volk 09-05-1958


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