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Sjerp, David biography in progress

Captain Sjerp. Here seen as 2nd officer, first on the left

Captain Sjerp. Here seen as 2nd officer, first on the left (a)

Captain David Sjerp was on born on 01 August 1885 at Schiedam as the son of Bastiaan Sjerp and Hijltje Prins.

Around 1913 he married Jacoba Petronella Schotman (05 April 1887- 05 April 1946) There were two children (Bastiaan  1914 and Robine 1916 both born in Rotterdam)

He passed away on 14 Aug. 1945 at Zutphen, where he and the family had ended up after a very difficult 2nd world war period. His wife followed him a year later and both were buried at the Old Grave yard in Zutphen. (b)

While in command of the ss Boschdyk he suffered a stroke while in Havana Cuba and was hospitilized there on 04 October.  A month later on 05 November he returns home as apassenger on the same Boschdijk to the Netherlands. The First Mate / Staff Captain was temporarily put in command.  Until 1932 Holland America kept him on the books and paid him stand by money, but Captain Sjerp was forced to retire after his stroke as he could not pass the (demanding) physical anymore needed for the job. Once the retirement grant of the company ran out, he had various odd jobs to start with. Times were not easy as the depression was at its severest and for each job available there were 10 able bodied persons waiting in line. In the end he was put in charge of a bicycle parking shed.

More to follow

The captains grave. (c)

(a). Photo courtesy: Grandson

(b). B Kruidhof

(c) https://www.online-begraafplaatsen.nl/graf/774446/1167615/David-Sjerp-1885-1945

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  1. Interessant levensverhaal dat helaas niet in onze genealogie “Het geslacht Sjerp” van D. en N. Sjerp gepubliceerd is. Wel staat daarin een foto van David en zijn vrouw Jacoba Petronella Schotman. Hij is daarin genoemd in familietak 1A terwijl ikzelf tot 2B behoor. Mijn vader Antonius Martinus (1911-1971) heeft behalve in de crisisjaren altijd gevaren, zelf ben ik van 1970 tot 1980 radio-officier koopvaardij geweest. Helaas is er nog geen digitale versie van onze genealogie op internet met aardige levensbeschrijvingen en foto’s die door komende generaties kan worden aangevuld.

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