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Lagaay Sr., Pieter

Capt. Lagaay Peter Sr. 1948 retiring small

Captain Piet Lagaay Sr. was a ships master in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He retired in 1948. His son served later as captain with the company as well.








Capt Lagaay Pieter Sr 1939 cartoon web


  1. This man wrote a book ,my grandfather always used to tell bout his travels on the Holland America line ..they did boxing matches on the ship .And Captain Piet Lagaay wrote a story bout it in his book .Ive been searching for the title of the book ..maybe someone remembers the book name ?

    • Thank you for reading my blog.

      You are right he wrote his memoirs after retirement. He also wrote another book a novel of about going to sea.

      The book you are looking for is called: Vier Gouden Banden (four gold stripes)

      If you want to buy it (it is in dutch) then go to http://www.bookfinder.com and type in the search engine
      author lagaay and title vier gouden banden.

      You will find that a book dealer in New Zealand has a copy for sale for $ 21.65

      Best regards

      Capt. Albert

  2. Madelon Verhoeff

    June 25, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Geachte Captain Albert, Mijn complimenten voor uw zeer uitgebreide blog. Op zoek aar gegevens over mijn grootvader Pieter Lagaay kwam ik hier terecht. Ik ben opgegroeid in zijn huis. Hij was toen al met pensioen en ik heb hem vaak achter zijn typemachine zitten werken. Het boek Vier gouden banden is een van de drie boeken die hij heeft geschreven. Het boek “Rol de zeekapitein” en “Jan Pakaan”heeft hij ook geschreven.
    Achterin het boek “Rol de zeekapitein”staat een uitgebreide handleiding voor de opleiding van matroos tot stuurman of kapitein ( in die tijd) . Ik kan deze pagina’s desgewenst wel scannen en mailen.
    met vriendelijke groet,
    Madelon Verhoeff ( moedersnaam Lagaay)

    • Dank U wel voor de belangstelling voor mijn blog.

      Leuk iets te horen over Kapitein Lagaay. Ik heb al zijn boeken in mijn bezit. Ik neem aan dat U de andere website al gevonden
      heft met de genealogy van de Lagayen, die ook op het internet staat.


      Capt. Albert

  3. My great grandfather, My Mother Maureen Heap, (Nee Lagaay) was daughter to Tony Lagaay (Also of NASM/HAL) we have a great deal of HAL memorabilia, photos, literature etc from the 30’s-70s including war service & original photos of Pieter, Degaul and Spears. as well as the Oranje-Nassau awarded to both Pieter & Tony for their war service. Both became Admirals of the Dutch merchant Navy after their service to NASM/HAL

  4. Robert Richardson

    October 9, 2017 at 11:39 am

    Good morning.
    I am very interested in knowing more about Capt. Piet Legaay. I am currently doing research related to the War in the Pacific, a theater in which Capt. Legaay’s ship the Noordam was very much involved. I am particularly interested in voyages the Noordam made from July- Dec 1943, and would very much hope to locate photographs, passenger logs, and other captain’s log information. I have located Capt. Legaay’s book at two libraries in the United States, and will arrange for an interlibrary loan. Any further contacts or direction would be thankfully received.
    All the best,

  5. Robert – You may find the family website & some of the stories from the Captains Lagaay Lagaaij here , as well as others Naval and war service here – There are also dutch language radio recordings of him addressing the people of the netherlands over Radio Oranje from the wartime http://www.rvader.nl/Lagaaij/

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