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Cuneus, E.H.J. biography pending

Capt. E.h.j. Cunaeus 1966 Korendyk small

Captain Cunaeus was a ships master in the 1960.s The photo shows him as master of the korendyk in 1966

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  1. The Korendyk (Capt. E.H.J. Cunaeus) was received with a celebration by Morehead City, North Carolina in July 1966, being the thousandth ship to dock since the port’s merger in 1953.
    To commemorate the event, Mayor George Dill presented the the Korendyk’s master with the key to Morehead City. While in port, more than 1,400 hogsheads of North Carolina leaf tobacco (estimated value = $1.5 million) were loaded on board the Korendyk, destined for Europe.

    Source: https://www.hal-vas.com/korendyk

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