Captain Dirk Posthumus

More information coming as soon as my research reaches the 1970’s.

Name:  Dirk Posthumus

Born:  08 April 1929 at Amsterdam

Attended the Kweekschool voor de Zeevaart in Amsterdam,

Was married to Mrs. Annie van t’Veer.

They had one daughter Mieke, and one son Frits

Captain Posthumus passed away on 17 January 2017


Date:                     Function:                             Ship:                                      Wages and/or remarks

1951                       Cadet                                    Almdijk

1952                       4th officer

1954                       3rd officer

1956                       2nd officer

29 May. 1956      2nd officer                            Nieuw Amsterdam          Until  28 July

06 Feb. 1959       2nd officer on                      Statendam voyages 11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,

04 Apr. 1959         2nd. Officer                          Dinteldyk (voy 8)              until 02 jul.

11 Jul. 1959         2nd officer                            Rotterdam                          and following Trial trips.

12 Dec. 1961       2nd. Officer                          Kloosterdijk                        until 23 Dec.

16 mar. 1962       Chief Officer                      Kerkedyk

01 Jan. 1963        Chief Officer                      Gaasterdijk

23 Apr. 1963       Chief Officer                      Sloterdijk

09 Feb. 1964       Chief Officer                      Sloterdijk (voy 120)

22 Oct. 1976        Chief officer                      Rotterdam

1976                       Acting Captain (filling in for Captain van Herk who had fallen ill)

1978                       Full Captain

06 Sep. 1980       30 years with company


Note: I am still compiling the voyages of the ships where he was captain, so more updates will follow.