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Roosendaal van, “Jan” Johannes

Capt. J van Roosendaal after promotion. (a)

Captain Johannes “Jan” van Roosendaal was born on 15 October 1911 in Dordrecht a town just east of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He was a son of Johannes van Roosendaal, a grain chandler and Cornelia Wilhelmina, Antonia Pel.

When 18 years old he decided to go to sea and enrolled on 03 Sept. 1929  in the oldest Maritime Academy in the World, the Kweekschool voor de Zeevaart in Amsterdam. As he was father was deceased by 1929 and he was not yet 21 years old, his fathers brother was the appointed guardian for approving his choice while his mother signed the articles of intake.

Upon completion he joined the Holland America Line on the 18th. Febr. 1932 as a cadet on the ss Binnendijk.

This was in the middle of the depression years and times were difficult but the company kept enlisting cadet officers even if they could not pay them. So he did his cadetship without wages. Still cost and living was free of charge and that was not to be frowned upon at the time. More over as his father has passed away some time before and thus there was no other support to fall back upon.

In 1933 he returns to school to study for his 3rd mate’s exam and passes in July.   But it is not until October 1936 that he can rejoin Holland America when the worst of the depression was over and the laid up ships came back into service.

His daughter remembers that in this period he started and operated two own businesses. One being an ice cream seller and the other a coal merchant. We do not know if he was not successful in these ventures or that he was happy to hand them over to somebody else but because he could rejoin the company in 1936. It is fair to assume that these were activities only engaged in to tie him over until Holland America had space for him again.

The ss Beemsterdijk of 1922. This was one of a series of 10 cargo ships and all names started with a B. (The Beemster is a reclaimed land area, or polder in the Dutch language, in the Noord West of Holland)

Three months later he is given a temporary contract as 4th. officer and assigned to the ss Beemsterdijk one of the 10 B-class cargo ships the company had in service and which was employed on the route Rotterdam – East Coast of America ports. A temporary contract as times were still difficult but this was changed into a permanent one six months when an assignment as 4th. Officer to the Maasdam (III)followed.

The ss Maasdam (III) This ship belonged to a series of four and were part passenger part cargo ship. Especially designed for the Gulf of Mexico service.

Seven months later he has to sign up for the compulsory military service but as a sailor he was exempt from full service and he was back at sea again a month later. The economy kept improving even with the ominous noises coming out of Germany and he was promoted to 3rd officer on 19 Aug. 1938 and to second officer on 16 June 1939.

Between a 3rd. Officer wages and a 2nd officer wage there was considerable difference, which came in very handy as he had married on the 25 of July 1938 to a Dutch Lady who listened to the beautiful name of Johanna Cornelie Catherina Engelen.  (Daughter of Theodorus Jacobus Engelen and Anthonetta Johanna Drucker) Although not uncommon in Holland they almost shared the same first name. Johannes and Johanna. He was given a month vacation and then it was back to sea. Eventually there were three children, Johanna, Cornelie and Antoinetta.

The ss Delftdijk in the 2nd worldwar.

He had just left the Netherlands before the war broke out, sailing as 2nd officer on the Blommersdijk, and could thus not return to Holland until the war was over. Hence he stayed 5 full years at sea. He remained on the ss Blommersdijk (II) until 1943 and then transferred to the ss Delftdijk (I). As he was now becoming one of the senior 2nd officers, he spent the remainder of the war on the passenger ships ss Edam (IV) and Volendam (I) all involved in transporting Troops. Even during the war Holland America tried to stay with to the tradition and routine that with increasing seniority you went to a more senior ship. After promotion you started again on the smallest (cargo) ship and then worked you way back to the most senior one again. This meant that officers had to travel all over the USA and the United Kingdom to catch their next ship. But this was seen as a nice break and un-official vacation away from the troubles of war.

2nd Officer Jan van Roosendaal in 1994. (b)

With the  Blommersdijk and Delftdijk he was involved in the cargo shuttle service between New York and England and Scotland. Mainly discharging cargo in the West coast ports. All these trips took place in full or partly convoy service whereby navy ships would escort the ships until they were out of reach of the German war planes, or all the way if there was a heightened danger of U Boat  activity. U-boats were not limited in their area of operation and where not unknown to cruise along the American east coast.

Because U boats could surface in the middle of the convoy, shoot and then dive again, Navy escorts were not always effective.  This made for stress full crossings, if you cannot see your enemy, and you have limited capabilities of defending yourself. Then there was the additional emotional problem for the problem that when your neighbor was torpedoed and sunk, you were not allowed to stop and help picking up survivors. You had to maintain convoy speed and formation and leave it to the navy escorts to go after any survivors. It does not help your nerves when you see this happening and you realize that you can be the next one.

Photo taken on board the ss Volendam by 4th. officer G. Meiners. From left to right 2nd Officer Van Roosendaal, 2nd Officer Lunenburg and First Officer Riemens. All three did become Captain after the war. (e)

The last two years of the war were on the larger passengerships and he ended the war on the ss Volendam which after the flagship the ss Nieuw Amsterdam (II) was considered the most prestigious ship in the fleet.  He made it back to Holland on 18 July 1945 on board the ss Volendam.

The ss Volendam (I) in war colours.

(ED. Note: I have not been able to find out very much yet about his experiences during the war but it must have been quite stressful. I quote a deck officer who sailed with him in the 1950’s when he was Chief Officer.

Quote: The Chief Officer was J. Van Roosendaal who had sailed for the duration of the war and as a result a bit of a rough person. You could say he was an insult – comedian.   If he had something to comment upon, it was nearly always done in a funny way  but you knew where you stood. If you saw him signalling with the Aldis Lamp, you were amazed of how fast he could do this, and also how quickly he could read the answer which came back. (c) Unquote

In 1946 and onwards Holland America bought a total of 11 new cargo ships, army surplus being 1 Liberty and 10 Victory ships and then promotion went fast. Promoted in 1947 to Chief Officer to one those of Victory ships, the ss Arkeldijk. Now the same pattern started again with hopping from ship to ship while gaining seniority and eventually he was back on the passenger ships. Until 5 years later he was promoted to Captain in Dec. 1952.

The ss Blijdendijk (II) a Liberty class cargo vessel. The Americans had built a total of 2644 of them. And those who survived the war were available for lease or sale.

It is great to be a captain but it meant going back to the smallest ship in the fleet the Liberty ship ss Blijdendijk (II), which was one the one and only liberty ship of the company. Contrary to most cargo ships it was not a turbine ship but still had old fashioned triple expansion propulsion with a single screw which gave it a speed of 10 knots (In good weather). It sailed from Rotterdam to the east coast of the USA making six weeks round trips.

As Captain on the bridge. We think that this is on board one of the A class cargo vessels the captain sailed on before being senior enough for the passenger ships. The ships telegraph for giving the speed orders to the engine room is in English while the Dutch built passenger ships all had the dutch version. (d)

Again the merry go-round of hopping around the fleet started with eventually ending up on the cargo ships with passenger accommodation on the west coast. From there is the jump in 1962 to the ss Maasdam (IV). This is a bit peculiar was there is a total absence of sailing on the passenger cargo vessels (Noordam, Westerdam) on the North Atlantic. One can only assume that Captain Roosendaal preferred the ships on the West coast service, which were indeed much more fun than the closely scrutinized North Atlantic bun run between Rotterdam and New York.

The ms Maasdam (IV). Together with her sister the ss Ryndam (II) was built as a tourist class liner for the North Atlantic service to the USA and Canada. Holland America advertised them as the “thrift Liners” as they were extremely good value for money.

Then from 1962 onwards he sailed on the ss Maasdam with two voyages on the ss Ryndam in between. A highlight during this period was the first call of a company ship at Galway in Ireland. This port call was being developed as an alternative call to Cobh where the company had been calling since the end of the 19th. Century.

Captain van Roosendaal with the mayor of Galway on the occasion of the first call at the port. (b)

The ship would stop at the anchorage of Galway and a company tender, the Galway Bay would be in attendance for passengers, luggage and on occasion cargo. On 21 July 1962, the local mayor and his deputies came on board to be shown around the ship by the captain. (b)

Another interesting occurrence was the transport of a sick crew member from a British weather observation ship in the North Atlantic. In November 1962 a steward on board the O.W.S Weather Reporter stationed at location Juliet in the North Atlantic fell ill and needed urgent medical help. The ss Maasdam (IV) came to the rescue and after the transfer by lifeboat between ships, took the patient to Cobh and with the local doctor’s approval onwards to Southampton. The Captain of the weather ship, who being of Scottish origin, forwarded a few bottles of his national tipple to show his appreciation. It is unknown if Capt. Van Roosendaal enjoyed Scotch Whisky but there is little doubt that there would have been a few connoisseurs among his crew who would have helped him in case the bottles formed a dilemma. (b)

Nasty scratches on the bow. But as it is on the port side, it already indicates that the responsibility lay somewhere else. (b)

Then there was the collision with the cargo steamer ss Bayton and the ss Maasdam on the St. Lawrence River which resulted in some light damage on the ps. of the Maasdam. Due to the sudden descend of a fog bank the two ships could not see each other and made contact. Captain van Roosendaal was fully acquitted of any wrong doing during the subsequent Board of Inquiry investigation.    (b)

On board the ss Maasdam (IV) during a cruise in white uniform.

During the winter season, the North Atlantic ships made cruises to the Caribbean from New York. Most likely this photo was taken during voyage 121 during the winter of 1963.

Although the officers wore white uniforms when sailing in the tropics, the passenger ships also had this white evening  uniform  called “jasje tutup”. Jasje = is a  dutch word for a small coat. Tutup = is a Indonesian word for closed and thus this uniform was a coat with a closed top.

As far as is known it was only on the passenger ships during cruises that this uniform was also worn during the day when involved with guests.

A very unique part of his private papers was the Captains administration for the ships he sailed on. While on the passenger ships, most administrative work was done by the Pursers staff, on the cargo ships and the cargo passenger ships sailing to Vancouver, the captain was involved in port costs, wage administration and plethora of other finance matters which one does not directly expect to fall under a captain’s function.


I have listed here under one of those pages. This is from the ms Duivendyk a west coast passenger cargo liner and the total for the cruise comes to 27 thousand guilders which in current money would be about $ 300,000. If you take into account that captains are trained to be navigators, not book keepers, it is understandable that most of the ship’s masters found this a side duty which was worrying and took a lot of focus to get it right. (b)

The glorious days before computers and when even type writers were avoided if possible. This is the final voyage of the Duivendijk as she went for scrap to Japan. (b)

By 1964 Captain van Roosendaal was only 54 years old but is then offered early retirement together with 5 other captains. The main reason for this was the decrease in fleet size which makes it rather crowded at the top of the pinnacle. The 11 A class freighters are slowly being phased out and replaced with the K and later G class but not in the same numbers. Westerdam, Noordam and Groote Beer are also sold off and apart from having too many captains there is also the fact to be considered that some of the Chief Officers / Staff Captains were already sitting “ in the waiting room” for a long time.

So he opted for early retirement and a place in the sun by buying a bungalow in Spain. After six years he developed cancer and returned 3 years later to the Netherlands to be close to the family. An interesting detail is that he was treated in a hospital in Delft where the Managing Physician Director was Doctor Griffioen who had sailed with the Captain on the passenger ships in the previous years.

Captain johannes “jan” van Roosendaal passed away on 22 November 1976.

The ss Maasdam (IV) ships staff assembled in the Captains Cabin. From left to right: Chief Engineer, Chief Radio officer, Chief Steward (?) Social Hostess, Purser( ?), Captain van Roosendaal and Chief Officer F. van Driel ( = later captain  of the ss Rotterdam (V) in the 70/80s) (b)

  • Credits:
  • (a)  HAL Archives
  • (b) Private papers of Capt. van Roosendaal made available by his daughter Mrs. Carlie Segboer van Roosendaal.
  • (c)  Mr. Frank van der Meulen.
  • (d) Grand daugther of Captain van Roosendaal.
  • (e) by 4th. officer G. Meiners via HAL Historian Laurens van der Laan.

Date:               Function:                                     Ship:                            Wages and/or remarks.

18 Feb. 1932       Cadet Officer                      Binnendijk                          without wages.

03 May. 1932      Due to illness ashore.

16  Jun. 1932       Recovered and available.

01  Jul. 1932       Cadet Officer                      Beemsterdijk                     without wages  

He has 142 days as Deck hand. Is allowed to complete sailing time without wages.

20 Aug. 1932       Temporary ashore                                                            without wages

26 Sep. 1932        Cadet Officer                      Maasdam                            without wages

27 Nov. 1932       Temporary ashore                                                            without wages

16 Dec. 1932        Cadet Officer                      Drechtdijk                           25,–

(Due to resignation of Uding   = other cadet)

01 Apr. 1933        Dismissed. Made his sailing days goes to study for 3rd mates ticket

01 Oct. 1936        4th. Officer                           Breedijk                               92,–       temporary contract

26 Mar. 1937       4th. officer                            Maasdam                            92,–

01 May. 1937      Temporary ashore                                                              92,–

03 May. 1937      In military service

07  Jun. 1937       4th. Officer                            Beemsterdijk                     92,–

15  Jun. 1937       4th. Officer                           Breedijk                               92,–

17 Jun. 1937        4th. Officer                           Statendam                          92,–

02 Aug. 1937       4th. Officer                           Drechtdijk                           92,–

18 Aug. 1937       3rd. Officer                           Drechtdijk                           92,–       promoted to 3rd Off.

01 Oct. 1937        According to new regulation                                        132,–    

03 Apr. 1938       3rd. Officer                           Drechtdijk                           19 Jul. 1938

23 Aug. 1938       3rd. Officer                           Noordam                             24 Aug. 1938

27 Aug. 1938       3rd. Officer                           Beemsterdijk                     08 Oct. 1938

18 Oct. 1938        3rd. Officer                           Beemsterdijk                     27 Dec. 1938

31 Dec. 1938       3rd. Officer                           Beemsterdijk                     10 Feb. 1939

18 Feb. 1939       3rd. Officer                           Noordam                             13 Mar. 1939

18 Mar. 1939       3rd. officer                            Noordam                             12 Apr. 1939

15 Apr. 1939        3rd.Officer                            Noordam                             08 May 1939

13 May 1939        3rd.Officer                            Noordam                             05 Jun. 1939

16  Jun. 1939       2nd. Officer                           Volendam                           11  Jul., 1939

12 Jul. 1939         2nd. Officer                           Blommersdijk                    27 Aug. 1939

08 Sep. 1939       2nd. Officer                           Blommersdijk                    05 Oct. 1939

07 Oct. 1939        2nd. Officer                           Blommersdijk                    11 Nov. 1939

09 Dec. 1939       2nd. Officer                           Blommersdijk                    09 Feb. 1940

14  Feb. 1940      2nd Officer                            Blommersdijk                    20 Apr. 1940

25 Apr. 1940       2nd. Officer                           Blommersdijk                    24 Nov. 1942 (NY)

Scheduled leave in July for three weeks not taken but had it paid out.

04  Jan.1943       2nd. Officer                           Delftdijk (NY)                    08 Jul. 1943 (Glasgow)

09 Jul. 1943        2nd. Officer                           Edam    (L’pool)                  30 May 1944 (L’pool)

16  Jun. 1944       2nd officer                             Delftdijk (L’pool)              13 Jul. 1944 (NY)

Stayed ashore to study for First Mate / Master license.

22 Dec. 1944       2nd officer                             Volendam                           18 Jul. 1945

(wages as 2nd officer Sr. Fl. 242 a months with a daily premium of Fl. 4,–

24 Nov. 1945       2nd. officer                            Volendam                           17 Mar. 1946 (Glasgow)

Assumption is, he then went home as passenger as the Volendam stayed in Glasgow until 25 may and only arrived in Rotterdam on 27 May.

19 Oct. 1946        2nd. Officer                           Victory 3 (***)                    01 Jun. 1947 Rotterdam

15 Oct 1947          1st. officer                             Arkeldijk                              14 Nov. 1947

17 Nov. 1947       1st. officer                             Arkeldijk                              17 Dec. 1947

21 Jan. 1948        1st. officer                             Arkeldijk                              01 Feb. 1948

05 Feb. 1948       1st. officer                             Arkeldijk                              01 Apr. 1948

06 Apr. 1948       1st. officer                             Arkeldijk                              01 Jun.1948

16  Jun. 1948      1st. officer                             Arkeldijk                              31 Jul. 1948

20 Aug. 1948      1st. officer                             Amsteldijk                          26 Aug. 1948

19 Oct. 1948        1st. 0fficer                             Abbedijk                              10 Dec. 1948

16 Dec. 1948       1st. officer                             Abbedijk                              07 Apr. 1949 (NY)

09 Apr. 1949       1st. officer                             Noordam                             18 Apr. 1949

22 Apr. 1949        1st. officer                             Noordam                             16 May. 1949

27 May. 1950      1st. officer                             Delftdijk                              08 Sep. 1950

28 Sep. 1950       1sr. officer                            Delftdijk                              05 Jan. 1950

07 Jan. 1950       1st. officer                             Delftdijk                              20 Jan.1950

21 Jan. 1950        1st. officer                             Delftdijk                              10 Feb. 1950

17 Feb. 1950       1st. officer                             Westerdam                         27 Feb. 1950 NY

28 Feb. 1950       1st. officer                             Abbedijk                              11 May 1950 Baltimore

11 May. 1950       1st. officer                             Noordam                             22 May 1950 Rdam

26 May.1950       1st. officer                             Dalerdijk                             06 Jun. 1950

04 Jul. 1950        1st. officer                             Almdijk                                16 Sep. 1950

19 Sep. 1950        1st. officer                             Almdijk                                 25 Nov. 1950

21 Dec. 1950       1st. officer                             Nieuw Amsterdam          07 Apr. 1951

19 Apr. 1951        1st. officer                             Duivendijk                          01 Aug. 1951

08 Aug. 1951       1st. officer                             Duivendijk                          06 Dec. 1951

11 Dec. 1951        1st. officer                             Duivendijk                          08 Apr. 1952

23 May 1952        1st. officer                             Noordam                             16 Jun. 1952

23 Jun. 1952       1st. officer                             Noordam                             11 Jul.19 52

18 Jul. 1952         1st. officer                             Noordam                             11 Aug. 1952

15 Aug. 1952       1st. officer                             Noordam                             08 Sep. 1952

12 Sep. 1952        1st. officer                             Noordam                             06 Oct. 1952

10 Oct. 1952        1st. officer                             Noordam                             03 Nov. 1952

14 Nov. 1952       1st. officer                             Noordam                             08 Dec. 1952                      

17 Dec. 1952        Promotion to Captain

18 Dec. 1952       Captain                                Blijdendijk (31)                 06 Feb. 1953

13 Feb. 1953        Captain                                Blijdendijk (32)

02 Apr. 1953       Captain                                Blijdendijk (33)

24 May 1953        Captain                                Blijdendijk (34)                 09 Jul. 1953

10 Jul. 1953         Captain                                 On Leave                             27 Aug. 1953

29 Aug. 1953 (NY) Captain                           Schiedijk (18)                     06 Jan. 1954 (Galveston)

07 Jan. 1954       Captain                                Schiedijk (19)                     03 Feb. 1954 (Rdam)

04 Feb. 1954        Captain                                On Leave                             12 Feb 1954

13 Feb. 1954        Passenger with the ms Noordam to New York      25 Feb. 1954

26 Feb.19 54 (NY) Captain                            Aagtedijk (21)                    24 Apr. 1954 (NY)

25 Apr. 1954 (NY) Captain                             Aagtedijk (22)                    13 Jul. 195 4 (NY)

14 Jul. 1954 (NY) Captain                              Aagtedijk (22)                    20 Jul. 1954 Philadelphia

21 Jul. 1954 (NY) Passenger back to Holland with the ss Nieuw Amsterdam to Holland    

21 Jul.1954          Captain                                On Leave                              31 Jul. 1954

01 Aug. 1954       Captain                                On Leave                             20 Aug. 1954

21 Aug. 1954       Captain                                Amsteldijk (47)                 03 Oct. 1954 Rdam – Rdam

04 Oct. 1954        Captain                                Amsteldijk (48)                 16 Nov. 1954 Rdam – Rdam

19 Nov. 1954       Captain                                Amsteldijk coastal           24 Nov. 1954

24 Nov. 1954       Captain                                On Leave                             26 Dec. 1954

27 Dec. 1954       Captain                                Averdijk (53)                      05 Feb. 1955 Rdam – Rdam

06 Feb. 1955       Captain                                Averdijk (54)                      29 Mar. 1955 Rdam –Rdam

30 Mar. 1955       Captain                                Averdijk (55)                      18 May 1955 Rdam – Rdam

19 May 1955        Captain                                Averdijk (56)                      08 Jul. 1955 Rdam – Rdam

09 Jul. 1955        Captain                                Averdijk (57)                      20 Aug. 1955 Rdam – Rdam

21 Aug. 1955       On Leave during coastal voyage                              01 Sep. 1955

01 Sep. 1955        Captain                                Averdijk (58)                      26 Oct. 1955 Rdam – Rdam

27 Oct. 1955        Captain                                Averdijk (59)                      19 Dec. 1955 Rdam – Rdam

24 Dec. 1955       On Leave                                                                             31 Dec. 1955 Rdam – Rdam

01 Jan. 1956        Captain                                Alblasserdijk (37)             22 Mar. 1956 Rdam – Rdam

23 Mar. 1956       Captain                                Alblasserdijk (38)            04 Jun. 1956 Rdam – Rdam

04 Jun. 1956       Captain                                Alblaserdijk (39)               31 Jul. 1956 Rdam – Rdam

01 Aug. 1956       Captain                                Alblasserdijk (40)            20 Oct. 1956 Rdam – Rdam

21 Oct. 1956        Captain                                Alblasserdijk (41 I)          31 Dec. 1956 Rdam – //////

01 Jan. 1957        Captain                                Alblasserdijk (41 II)         /////// – 18 Jan. 1957 Rdam

19  Jan. 1957       Captain                                Alblasserdijk (42)             12 Apr. 1957 Rdam – Rdam

13 Apr. 1957        Captain                                Ablasserdijk (43)              04 May. 1957 Rdam – Rdam

05 May. 1957      On leave                                                                              15 Jun. 1957

18 Jun. 1957       crossing with the Statendam to NY                           26 Jun. 1957

27 Jun. 1957       Captain                                Aalsdijk (66)                       30 Sep. 1957

01 Oct. 1957        Captain                                Aalsdijk (66/67)                31 Dec. 1957

01 Jan. 1958       Captain                                Aalsdijk (67)                       31 Mar. 1958

01 Apr. 1958       Captain                                Aalsdijk (68)                       28 Apr. 1957 (NY)

29 Apr. 1958       Crossing with the ss Statendam back to Rotterdam & leave until 14 Jul. 1958

14 Jul. 1958         Captain                                Duivendijk (35)                 02 Nov. 1958

03 Nov. 1958      Captain                                Duivendijk (36)                 07 Dec. 1958  

Ship remained  in Rotterdam as it went into dry dock

08 Dec. 1958      Captain                                Duivendijk (36I)               31 Dec. 1958 Rdam – /////

01 Jan. 1959        Captain                                Duivendijk (36 II)            ///// – 27 Mar. 1959 – Rdam

28 Mar. 1959       Captain                                Duivendijk (37)                 16 Aug. 1959 Rdam – ///////

17 Aug. 1959       Captain                                Duivendijk  (38)               //////  26 Nov. arrival Tokyo for scrap.

Back in Holland on 05 December 1959. 

06 Dec. 1959       On Leave                                                                             15 Apr. 1960

21 Apr. 1960        Captain                                Arnedijk (76)                      02 Jun.1960  Rdam – Rdam

03 Jun. 1960       Captain                                Arnedijk (77)                      17 Aug. 1960 Rdam – Rdam

18 Aug. 1960       Captain                                Dalerdijk (39)                    04 Dec. Rdam – Rdam

05 Dec. 1960       Captain                                Dalerdijk (39/40)             26 Mar. 1961

27 Mar. 1961       Captain                                Dalerdijk (40/41)              22 Apr. 1961 Rdam – Rdam

23 Apr. 1961        on leave                                                                               02 Jul. 1961

03 Jul. 1961         Captain                                Dinteldijk  (15K)               11 Jul. 1961 Rdam – Rdam                                                                            Coastal trip

12 Jul. 1961         Captain                                Kerkedijk (24)                    20 Jul. 1961 Rdam – Rdam                                                                           Coastal trip

21 Jul. 1961         On Leave                                                                             31 Jul. 1961

01 Aug. 1961       Captain                                Dinteldijk (30/31)            03 Sep. 1961 Rdam – Rdam


04 Sep. 1961        Captain                                Andijk  (70/71)                  14 Sep. 1961 Rdam – Rdam

15 Sep. 1961        Captain                                Andijk (71)                          03 Nov. 1961 Rdam – Rdam

04 Nov. 1961       Captain                                Andijk (71/72)                   12 Nov. 1961 Rdam – Rdam

13 Nov. 1961        Captain                                On Leave                             12 Dec. 1961

13 Dec .1961        Captain                                Dalerdijk (43I)                   31 Dec. 1961  Rdam – //////

01 Jan. 1962        Captain                                Dalerdijk  (43II)                ///// – 22 Apr. 1962 Rdam

23 Apr. 1962        Captain                                Maasdam (104)                 25 Jun. 1962 Rdam – Rdam

26 Jun. 1962       Captain                                Maasdam (105)                 20 Jul. 1962 Rdam – Rdam

21 Jul. 1962         Captain                                Maasdam (106)                 26 Aug. 1962 Rdam – Rdam

27 Aug. 1962       Captain                                Maasdam (107)                 21 Sep. 1962 Rdam – Rdam

22 Sep. 1962        Captain                                Maasdam (108)                16 Oct. 1962 Rdam – Rdam

17 Oct. 1962        Captain                                Maasdam (109)               10 Nov. 1962 Rdam – Rdam

11 Nov. 1962        Captain                                Maasdam (110)               06 Dec. 1962 Rdam – Rdam

07 Dec. 1962       Captain                                On Leave                             31 Dec. 1962

01 Jan. 1963        Captain                                Ryndam (140)                    31  Jan. 1963 Rdam – Rdam

01 Feb.1963        Captain                                Ryndam (141)                    01 Mar. 1963 Rdam – Rdam

02 Mar. 1963       Captain                                On Leave                             16 Apr. 1963

17 Apr. 1963        Captain                                Maasdam (113)              16 May 1963 Rdam – Rdam

17 May 1963        Captain                                Maasdam (114)             21 Jun. 1963 Rdam – Rdam

22 Jun. 1963       Captain                                Maasdam (115)               21 Jul. 1963 Rdam – Rdam

23 Jul. 1963         Captain                                On Leave                             17 Aug. 1963 B’hven – Rdam

18 Aug. 1963       Captain                                Maasdam (117)              14 Sep. 1963 Rdam – Rdam

15 Sep. 1963        Captain                                Maasdam (118)                11 Oct. 1963 Rdam – Rdam

12 Oct.1963         Captain                                OnLeave                              08 Nov. 1963

09 Nov. 1963       Captain                                Maasdam (120)               06 Dec. 1963 Rdam – Rdam

07 Dec. 1963       Captain                                Maasdam (121)                 31 Dec. 1963 Rdam – /////

01 Jan. 1964        Captain                                Maasdam (121 I)               ////// – 16 Jan. 1963 Rdam

17 Jan. 1964        Captain                                Maasdam (122)                 15 Feb. 1964 Rdam – Rdam

16 Feb. 1964        Captain                                Maasdam (123)                 14 Mar. 1964 Rdam – Rdam

15 Mar. 1964       Captain                                Maasdam (124)                 12 Apr. 1964 Rdam – Rdam

13 Apr. 1964        Captain                                On Leave                                 08 may 1964

09 May 1964       Captain                                Maasdam (126)                 31 May 1964 Rdam – Rdam


*Onwards from promotion to Captain, the ships voyage numbers are given behind the name of the ship as captains were signed on for the voyage. 

*///// indicates voyage runs into the New Year.

***  This Victory 3 is still a question mark, as none of the A class ships which bought right after the war were in Holland around 16 Oct. 1946. If this ship was the ss Arkeldyk (sailed subsequent voyages on it) then this also gives a question mark as the ss Arkeldijk was not in Rotterdam on the sign off date.  The ss Aardyk was but then the departure dates do not fit. To be verified.



  1. Goedendag, ik ben zelf kapitein op reefer schepen van Seatrade. Ik weet dat mijn oudoom Jan van Roosendaal (broer van mijn grootmoeder) zijn leven lang voor de HAL heeft gevaren en daar alle rangen heeft doorlopen t/m kapitein. Eind jaren ’60 begin jaren ’70 is hij gepensioneerd. Ik zou graag wat meer te weten willen komen over zijn loopbaan bij de HAL, reizen etc.

    • Goede morgen,

      Mijn dank voor de interresse voor het blog. Voor de informatie is het nog even wachten to na kerstmis. Ik heb een afspraak met de dochter van kapitein Roosendaal in January en dan hoop ik meer over de man te weten te komen en over zijn loopbaan. Ze hebben zijn monsterboekje nog en dat is de leidraad voor de verdere zoektocht. Tot nu toe weet ik wat hij gedaan heeft tot 1937 maar daarna stopt het omdat toen bij de HAL de loon administratie geautomatiseerd werd (pons kaarten) en dat archief is niet toegankelijk helaas. Maar ik hoop in February het een en ander op de blog te kunnen zetten.


      Albert Schoonderbeek.

  2. Paul Hagendoorn

    May 15, 2017 at 5:31 am

    Geachte meneer Schoonderbeek,

    Dank voor uw reactie en excuses voor mijn late reactie. E.e.a. is beroeps gerelateerd, wij hebben nog steeds geen internet aan boord van onze schepen.

    Met toenemende nieuwsgierigheid wacht ik uw wetenswaardigheden af m.b.t. de loopbaan van mijn oudoom Jan van Roosendaal. Mijn grootmoeder mevrouw Hagendoorn-van Roosendaal (de zus van Jan van Roosendaal) wist mij in het verleden wel wat te vertellen maar zij is overleden in 1997. Mijn vader Jan Hagendoorn (de neef van Jan van Roosendaal), wist ook wel wat te vertellen maar ook hij is overleden inmiddels.

    Alvast hartelijk dank voor uw moeite in deze.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Paul Hagendoorn

    • Min dank voor Uw belangsteling.

      Ik had een groote gedeelte van de bio van Kapitein Roosendaal er al op gezet, maar door een technische hic-up van de site is alles weer weg. ik hoop dat alles binnen 14 dagen weer terug is.


      Captain Albert

  3. Paul Hagendoorn

    May 16, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Nogmaals dank. Ik wacht rustig af.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Paul Hagendoorn

  4. Paul Hagendoorn

    May 10, 2019 at 10:55 am

    Heel veel dank voor deze uitgebreide loopbaan beschrijving van mijn oudoom Jan van Roosendaal. Als familielid en als zeeman heeft dit voor mij grote emotionele waarde en ik ben hier heel blij mee.

  5. Bastiaan Vliegenthart

    November 16, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    Ik ben op zoek naar bevestiging van mijn reis 23 november 1962
    En wel met de SSRijndam
    bevestiging hiervan is van groot belang voor mijn AOW,als ik ditkan bewijzen krijg ik een voledig Aow
    Dank U zeer

    • Mijn dank voor uw reactie.

      het is nagenoeg omogelijk om bemannings lijsten van die tijd te achterhalen. Maar het hal archief heeft wel de aanmonsterings boeken van die Tijd. Niet altijd compleet. Mijn suggestie is: Ga naar het gemeente archief in Rotterdam want die beheren het hal archief Hofkade 651 Tram stopt voor de deur en goed parkeren. De balie verwijst uw dan naar de tweede etage en daar helpt men uw graag. Als de informatie compleet is dat kunt u, uw naam vinden in Aanmonsterings boek 512, Rijndam periode 1956 – 1963 reis 59 tot 147. 23 november viel in de periode van reis 138 kapitein Busser. Dus de mogelijk is er…….

      Hopelijk heeft U geluk.


      Capt. Albert

  6. Mw. M.J.E. Engelen

    March 22, 2022 at 9:11 am

    Bij verrassing vond ik dit interessante verhaal over mijn oom, de zwager van mijn overleden vader. Een paar details vielen mij op: Oom Jan zoals ik hem heb gekend was getrouwd met Johanna Catharina Engelen zonder Cornelie, mijn vaders zuster en hij had wel drie kinderen maar twee dochters Anneke en Carlie en één zoon Jan junior.

    • Captain Albert

      March 22, 2022 at 7:06 pm

      Goede morgen,

      mijn dank voor huw commentaar. Het hele verhaal – wat betreft familie- is gecontroleerd door Mevr. Carlie die ik een paar keer in nederland bezocht heb, nadat ik haar en haar man tijdens een cruise was tegengekomen. Dus vandaar dat het op biographie staat, zoals het er staat.


      Capt. Albert

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