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Kuijper W.

no photo yet.

No iformation yet.


Captain Kuijper, also spelled Kuyper and Kuiper by the company and the outside world was a captain in the  70’s and 80. From this period very little administration has been left in the archives. then in 1975 he switched to Incotrans when the  cargo part of the company was sold off. I have been told by an ex Incotrans person that when evreything as moved to the Bostrom head office, most administration when in the shredder.  and that makes it even more difficult. Hence I do not have a photo of him yet, and only  few voyages from the time when he started out as captain.

Any Family out there who as photos  and information ???

Please contact me on  CaptAlbert1@aol.com.


Last update: 31 May 2021



  1. Willem Kuijper Dickson

    May 30, 2021 at 10:37 pm

    This is my Opa, Willem Kuijper, do you have any more information on his time as a captain for the HAL?

    Thank you,


    • Captain Albert

      May 31, 2021 at 2:11 pm

      Bedankt voor de reactie.

      Kapitein Kuiper, Kuyper of Kuijper (de rederij gebruikte diverse schrijf wijzen in de communicatie staat nog op mijn lijstje voor de toekomst. Het probleem dat Kuiper kapitein was in de jaren waarvan de adminstratie merendeels verdwenen is, en de periode bij Incotrans vernietigd is. Maar ik doe mijn best, maar het gaat erg langzaam.


      Capt. Albert

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