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Rijnink, Lambertus.


Lambertus Rijnink was born in  Amsterdam on 6 February  1883 as the son of Lodewijk Rijnink (Born on 20 November 1854) and Wilhelmina Maria Lieth (Born on 08 April 1856) He attended the local Maritime Academy  the Kweekschool voor de Zeevaart in Amsterdam in 1898 and joined the Holland America Line in August 1901 as a cadet, on the ship named after his hometown, Amsterdam. His father was the Sr. Superintendant Public Works of the city of Amsterdam.

The ss Amsterdam (II) This was the first ship and the start of his career. Please note the open bridge which is clearly visible on this photo.

On 28 August 1908 he settles down in Rotterdam with his mother and sister where he meets Zwaantje Duit (Born 04 December 1888). She is the daughter of Captain Wibrandus Duit (see biography on this website) and they marry on 22 September 1910. (a)

There were three children. A daughter Catharina Frouwina (Born 30 August 1911), a son Lodewijk Johannes (Born 20 April 1913) and another son Wibrandus Lambertus (Born 13 March 1916)

The interesting connection is that he married the daughter of an ex Holland America Line Captain, Captain Wibrandus Duit. They never sailed together as Captain Duit left the company in 1899. Rijnink was promoted in 1911 to captain after 10 years with the company. He was then only 27 years old but the company had just taken over the Burgh Line with several ships so promotion was suddenly fast as long as you had your Master License. Also his promotion was directly due to the death of Captain Swaan of the Soestdijk who fell overboard during the home bound crossing  in 1912. He took over as being the Chief Officer and then stayed with the ship until another captain was scheduled.

The ss Soestdijk (II) His first command. Please note the steam at the bow caused by the anchor gear.

By 1930 he is senior enough to be assigned to the passenger ships and is given command over the ss Maasdam. But only for 2 years as per 1 January 1932 he is dismissed from the company due to the depression. My assumption is that he was picked out from “among the crowd” as he was one of the younger captains and thus stood a better chance to find another company.

If he did so is still unknown.

He is noted to have passed away on 28 April 1963 in Voorburg the Netherlands, five years after his wife.

Editor: I have not been able to discover many anecdotes about the captain but he was the chief officer on board the ss Soestdijk when it loaded a replica of the Haelve Maen (Half Moon), the sailing ship with which Henry Hudson the east coast of what is now the USA explored. He sailed up the river which is now called the Hudson River and made it possible for the Dutch to found Nieuw Amsterdam later to become New York. Holland America donated a replica of this sailing ship in 1909 for the celebrations of the founding of Nieuw Amsterdam.

Hoisting the Haelve Maen replica on board the ss Soestdijk. Lambertus Rijnink will have been deck somewhere to supervise the loading as the chief Officer was in charge of all the cargo work.


  • (a) E.H Kruidhof Genealogy information.
  • (b) HAL Archives as held by the City Archives of Rotterdam
  • All photos out of the Capt. Albert Collection.

Sailing List (b)

Date:                     Function:                             Ship:                                      Wages and/or remarks.

21 Aug. 1901       Cadet                                    Amsterdam                        10,–

27 Mar. 1902       Cadet                                    Potsdam                              15,–

18 Jun.  1902       Act. 4th. Officer                  Potsdam                              20,–

26 Aug.1902        Temporary dismissed to go to school for 3rd mates exam.  Passed on 19 Nov. 1902

06 Dec. 1902       Act. 4th. Officer                  Sloterdijk                             30,-

01 Jan.  1903       Appointed Ensign Extraordinary Dutch Royal Navy Reserve.

05 Jun.  1903       4TH. Officer                          Soestdijk                             30,–

01 Oct.  1903       Temporary dismissed to join the royal Navy for 3 months on board HMS Gier at Hellevoetsluis.

13 Jan.  1904       Act. 3rd Officer                   Rotterdam                          40,–

23 Mar. 1904       Act. 3rd officer                   Amsterdam                        40,–

09 Jun.  1904       Act. 3rd Officer                   Rijndam                               40,–

28 Jun.  1905       Temporary dismissed to go to school for 2nd mates license. Passed exam on  13 Oct.1905

19 Oct.1905         3rd Officer                            Sloterdijk                             50,–

18 Feb. 1906       3rd. Officer                          Nieuw Amsterdam          50,–  From Belfast to Rotterdam

27 Feb. 1906       3rd Officer                            Sloterdijk                             50,–

08 Apr.  1906       Act. 2nd Officer  Jr.           Sloterdijk                             50,–

04 Jul.    1906       2nd Officer                           Amsteldijk                          60,–

06 Jul.    1906       Appointed Ensign First Class Royal Navy.

22 Aug. 1906       2nd Officer                           Noordam                             60,–

25 Nov. 1907       Temporary dismissed for the royal Navy.

02 Dec. 1907       Assigned for a six months exercise on board HM Instruction vessel  HMS Atjeh, at Willemsoord.

14 May.1908       2nd Officer                           Rotterdam                          60,–       From Belfast.

22 Aug. 1908       2nd officer  Jr.                     Noordam                             70,–

23 Sep. 1908       Temporary dismissed

14 Oct.  1908       2nd Officer Sr.                     Rijndam                               70,–

24 Dec. 1908       Temporary dismissed to go to school for first mate

12 Apr.  1909       Chief Officer                      Soestdijk                             100,–

08 Jul.    1910       Chief Officer                      Sloterdijk                             100,–

24 Aug, 1910       Temporary dismissed for 3 months until ….. for Royal Navy, Placed as Ensign First Class onboard the training vessel Atjeh.

12 Dec. 1910       Chief Officer                      Soestdijk                             100,-

01 Jan 1911         Due to wage review                                                       160,–

13 Feb. 1912       Captain                                 Soestdijk                             250,–

Promoted temporary due to dead of Captain Swaan on board during the voyage. Sailed the next voyage as captain until 02 April.

02 Apr.  1912       On standby

06 Apr.  1912       Chief Officer                      Potsdam                              175,–

16 Apr. 1913       Promoted to Captain                                                      250,–

16 Apr.  1913       Captain                                 Zijldijk                                   250,–

03 Aug. 1914       Temporary dismissed for the mobilization of the Dutch forces.

01 Jan.  1916       Wages increase                                                                                275,–

01 Sep. 1916       Captain                                 Maartensdijk                     275,–

12 Apr. 1918 Due to the confiscation of the Maartensdijk, returns per ss Nieuw Amsterdam to Rotterdam                           Temporary ashore.

And from 3 June 1918 to the Royal Navy.

27 Nov. 1918       Wage increase                                                                  325,—

1 May.  1919       Honorable discharge from the Royal Navy.

1 Jul.      1919       wage increase                   Maasdijk                              650,–

1 Jan.     1920       wage increase                                                                   675,–

15 Oct. 1920       wage increase                                                                   700.—

16 Oct. 1921        wage decrease                                                                 635,–

07 Nov. 1921      Captain                                 Moerdijk                             635,–

04 Apr.  1922       wage decrease                                                                 610,–

07 Jul.    1923       Temporary ashore                                                           610,–

15 Nov. 1923       Captain                                 Moerdijk                             610,–

27 Mar. 1924       Captain                                 Eemdijk                                                610,–                    Boards in Antwerp,

11 Mar. 1926       Captain                                 Dinteldijk                             610,– (Cancelled)

15 Mar. 1926       Temporary ashore                                                           610,–

01 Apr.  1926       Captain                                 Binnendijk                          610,–

24 Jun.  1926       Captain                                 Moerdijk                             610,–

01 Apr.1927        wage increase                                                                   630,–

09 Jul.    1927       Captain                                 Ashore                                 630,–    Came from Glasgow to Rotterdam

11 Aug. 1927       Captain                                 Moerdijk                             630,–

21 Sep. 1928       Captain                                 Dinteldijk                             630,–    from Antwerp to R’dam by train

01 Jan.  1929       Wage increase                                                                  650,–

25 Apr.  1929       Temporary ashore                                                           650,– starts leave from Liverpool

05 May 1929       Captain                                 Dinteldijk                             650,–

29 Aug. 1929       Temporary ashore                                                           650,–

15 Sep. 1929       Captain                                 Delftdijk                               650,–

01 Jan.  1930       wage increase                                                                   670,–

04 Jun.  1930       Captain                                 Maasdam                            670,-

05 Dec   1930       Temporary ashore                                                           670,–

04 Jun. 1931        Receives the silver medal of the Dutch royal Meteorological Institute for the keeping of the weather journals on board his ships.

12 Nov. 1931       Wages reduced                to 536,– and put on 70% standby money.

01 Jan. 1932        Dismissed and put on standby money



  1. Kapitein Rijnink voer als gezagvoerder o.a. op het ss Soestdyk (1)


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