Capt. Barendse 1948 small

Captain Barendse was promoted to Commodore in April 1944. He had been serving the company by then for 41 years, of which 30 years in command. 

Captain Barendse was in command of the Nieuw Amsterdam II in 1942 This photo shows him while in command of the Nieuw Amsterdam II.






Capt Barendse 1939 cartoon web










1942.10Capt.Barendse40yr SMALLThis photo was taken in October 1940 in New York, when captain Barendse celebrated his 40 years with Holland America Line.

 He had been appointed Nautical Inspector at the outbreak at the war and was now taking charge of the Nieuw Amsterdam from her retiring captain Johannes J. Bijl, commodore of the fleet. Also present Capt. Pieter Lagaay, on leave from the Westernland. Pictured from left to right: seated front row: Freight traffic manager Zuurmond; Asst. General Manager Frederik R. Wierdsma, on assignment in the U.S. Army; Capt. Barendse; (war-) Director Peter van den Toorn, Comm. Bijl; and Capt. F.H. Dobbenga, to take over as Inspector from Capt. Barendse.

Standing f.l.t.r.  1st Officer Pieter van Beelen, now Technical Inspector; Asst. Passenger Traffic Mgr Elliot I. Liman, Assist. Freight Traffic Manager John van Ryn; 2 unident.; Executive Assistant A.D. Wentholt; ?; Cornelis M.
de Jong, Passenger Traffic Manager; ?; Hoboken Manager Adriaan Roggeveen; Publicity Manager William C. Seabrook ,Capt. Lagaay, Comptroller Isedore Spetter and another unidentified person, as is the
person in the back, standing by himself.

Also in the picture: Engineers Joseph Willeman, Technical Inspector, Pieter den Braven, now Adj. Inspector, Purser Lambert W.H. LaGrange, now crew administratior in Hoboken with Capt. F.H. Dobbenga

Above Photo and information where submitted by retired employee Laurens van der Laan who has a very extensive knowledge about Holland America Line and is specializing in the history of the shore side – office – operations.