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27 Sept. 2013: Ketchikan.

Good morning,

As I always write my blog a day later, I have to skip this one, as today 28 Sept. we are trying to avoid the bad weather that is going on and that means long hours and standby’s on the bridge.

My apologies and I hope to catch up in the coming days.

Capt. Albert


  1. Having foul weather on the last days of the sailing, the last days on board, is not a very nice send-off !! So sorry !! Hope you have a pleasant trip home !! Here is to that first wonderful beer !!


  2. Captain Albert:
    Thank you for your blog. For several months out of the year the arrival of your next installment is a anchor moment in my day. I love the insight you provide into navigation issues.
    I hope you and Lesley have as safe trip home. I will miss you. As last time, I remain committed to the Corinto school project so I will be with you when that moves forward at some point in the future when you are again (or someone else) is the Master of the Statendam. The lesson I learned was not to donate physical supplies, but money, to avoid customs issues.

    Ruud Hartog, Tierra Verde Florida

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