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25 Sept. 2015; Schiphol Airport Hotel

Today my vacation came to an end and a busy one it has been with a lot of work done for the apartment building I live in, (as I mentioned before, I am an absolute expert on scaffolding now) two short cruises as a vacation (which I can not say anything about as they were with the competition) and a honey-do list a few yards long.

However all good things come to an end and real life starts again tomorrow.  I will be putting my teachers hat on as my coming ships visits will be part of our Nautical Excellence Class program for introducing our newly hired navigators to the wonderful world of Holland America.

If nothing changes…………… and it does most of the time……….. the plan is to sail with the ms Rotterdam between Sept. 26 and Oct. 26 then transfer to the Zuiderdam for the next class and then to the Westerdam for the 3rd and last class. However at the moment only the Rotterdam has been confirmed and all 7 trainee’s have been allocated a cabin.

Thus my blogging will start again tomorrow with a departure on the ms Rotterdam from Rotterdam. The ship then calls at Southampton where my trainee’s will board.

In the mean time  Public Relations has approved the addition of a new blog sub directory. I already had and am regularly working on the histories of the Captains of the Past, but now there is a new sub directory of Current Captains and their schedules. It is still empty but I will start adding items to it in the coming months. Always nice to know who is “driving the boat” before you board the ship.

To all my readers welcome back and hopefully you will enjoy my daily updates for the coming months.






  1. Welcome back Captain Albert.. Missed your ‘musings’ but am looking forward to your upcoming postings and especially will be interested in ‘Current Captains’-As you say,its always good to know who the captain is.

    Thank you

  2. Glad to have you back. Looking forward to your future blogs.

  3. Welcome back. I look forward to reading your upcoming blogs.

  4. what happened after 31 july – there was sudden stoppage of blogs – we was wondering what happened?

  5. So glad you survived your scaffolding adventure and are safely back , providing all of us, your eager readers, with our daily most interesting reading . The new “sub-category” listing current Captains’ assignments , is a great idea !! Welcome back !!

  6. Robina Herrington

    September 25, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Lovely to have you back, eagerly await your blog,
    good night

    From Robina

  7. I have missed you …. first moving sidewalks – aka conveyor belts – I ever saw were at Schiphol Airport …. last one’s too.

    Greg Hayden
    Vista – San Diego area – California

  8. Welcome back Captain Albert. I seems like it has been too long…….Ruud

  9. *PERHAPS* Tina and I will see you on the Zuiderdam! WE are here until November 9, but the crossing looks pretty full. Fingers crossed. Checked in with Sr. Management, she will not be joining you it seems!
    Our Best,

  10. Welcome back Captain Albert, missed your writings but realise you do need vacation time to do the “she who must be obeyed to do lists”. Looking forward to your future blogs and will watch the new sub blog and future Captains with interest as I will be joining Rotterdam on 31 January in Dubai for voyage to Singapore. This voyage will be most interesting as I was on Amsterdam in 2013 from Hong Kong to Cape Town. A great experience!

    Best regards , Ted Dixon , Cape Town

  11. So happy you are back. I enjoy your blog very much! You have been one of my favorite captains I have sailed with.

  12. Missed Career at Sea

    September 29, 2015 at 8:24 pm

    (28Sep15, Mon)
    Second Try ~ One more time a welcome back, Captain. I’m scratching my head where I got the idea that you would be joining the Nieuw Amsterdam. I must have read it somewhere? As you wrote that “if nothing changes”, which it seems it did again from the Nieuw Amsterdam to the Rotterdam, the newer one than the previous one! I, too, am very happy with your new blog sub directory. You know how to keep your readers happy, as we seem to be always interested in the Holland America family besides your interesting historical details.

    • You were right,

      I had it on my schedule to go to the Nieuw Amsterdam with the class, but it turned out that there were not enough cabins available for
      all the trainee’s. Thus we switched to the Rotterdam where there was space.

      Best regards

      Capt. Albert

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