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24 October 2013; Blog site In Progress

Good morning All,

No doubt you will have seen that the company is in progress with re-designing the HAL blog site. Although I have always been a -sideways- connected part of it, it also affects the Captain Albert Blog.   This redesign is still in process and will take another few days to complete.  In the mean time we all, including me, have to patiently wait until this whole process has been completed.

I am working with the head office to ensure that the Captain Albert blog will have everything that it had before.  So I am asking for your patience and understanding until the blog site is fully “on the right course” again.

I hope to start adding more material as soon as all the links inside the blog have been re-established.

Best regards from windy England.

Capt. Albert




  1. I hope they put the Archive back on line, too ! For us a very helpful place to research explanatory entries you made over time . —– Also: try to update your sailing schedule: what is there now is confusing to those, who forgot your entry explaining the whole change. —– Will you return to Statendam ? Would you be back again in the proper rotation for Prinsendam ? Ever hopeful 😀 !!

  2. Another vote for retaining the archive! It’s an encyclopedia of information.

    As we head to the Statendam next week we are thinking of you and hoping that you’re enjoying your time off. We’ll look forward to reading anything you are able to post during your vacation.

  3. Do you yet know the sailing schedule when you return in 2014?
    Wishing you both “Happy Christmas and New Year” !

  4. Missed Career at Sea

    December 13, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Good Afternoon Almuth!
    It’s getting too quiet, don’t you think 🙂 The Captain’s return in 2014 is under the blog entry dated 30Sep13, entitled “28, 29, September 2013; Battling the Storm.”
    Please read the 4th paragraph from the bottom … it’s only in March !!!

  5. Will you be posting when your expected to be back at sea ?

  6. Thank you, Missed Career at Sea !! Yes, it is getting FAR too quiet! — While in this drought, we went on 2 cruises ( 28 days Prinsendam and a quick week in the sun on Westerdam): did not help one bit !! 🙂 —- By the way: while going thru the Kieler Kanal, we looked in vain for the fans who always greeted Prinsendam and Capt. Albert ! They obviously know, he is not on Prinsendam at this time. We still have the fervent hope, he returns to her, or is given the replacement, when she is retired. While on board we heard a rumor about retirement /replacement with a similar sized ship. Sounds to me like a Seaborn ship ? —- We’ll see, but we will sorely miss her when the time comes.—
    Here is to March! The Champagne is on ice and awaiting !!! 😀

  7. Captain Albert:

    Where are you? My notesfrom 2013 say that you were supposed to be back in early March 2014 after an extended leave since HAL wouldn’t let you accumulate leave. OK, so where are you, when will you continue blogging ??

    Ruud Hartog
    Tierra Verde, Florida

  8. Dear Captain Albert

    In common with all your fans I hope you will be able to begin blogging again soon! I had the beginning of this week highlighted in my calendar to start looking for your updates once more. I noted that this corresponded with the good ship Statendam leaving San Diego and heading South. Just hoping that you are safely on board and the lack of blog is simply due to issues with the new web site or similar. Here’s wishing for a speedy return for you to the web.

    Best Regards

  9. I am also a little worried. I hope nothing serious has happened to you or Leslie, and it is a matter of a bad satellite connection or even a forgotten password that prevents you from sharing your latest news. Perhaps the head office has told you to take additional vacation time? 🙂
    You joked about not blogging about English supermarkets in your last September post, but I’d be interested 😉 Especially if there is a Costco near. I have not had the chance to shop at a UK Costco and am curious about the differences and similarities to a US/West-coast Costco 😀

  10. Can anyone tell us when Capt. Albert will be back? HAL? We’ve been waiting so long and we miss him dearly.

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