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30 January 2012; Added Captain Bonjers Bio.

Good morning,

Currently at home and enjoying my leave. I am spending a lot of time digging through the companies history.  I have now found sufficient information to upload the biography of Captain Bonjer, the first company’s commodore. I managed to trace a nephew who is now alerting the other relatives so hopefully the bio can be expanded in the future.  I am currently working on other bio’s as well, so hopefully I will able to add some more in the coming month.

 Capt. Bonjers bio can be found under the Captains from the Past listing on the right hand, drop down box, side of this posting.

Best regards

Capt. Albert


  1. Any chance you will be returning to the Prinsendam? We are taking the 2013 South America Grand Voyage and would be happy to have you with us…we last sailed with you on the 2011 Grand Mediterranean and Africa…

  2. I am looking forward to the start of the next chapter of your blog!! It will be interesting to follow you on the Statendam through the end of the Panama Canal season and the start of the Alaska season. Of course, there is the infamous ‘repositioning’ to do between San Diego and Vancouver, and the quirky 3-day round-trip from Vancouver. I hope the weather will not be too bad…….(or windy for Victoria). If I’ve understood the ships schedule correctly, it looks like Amsterdam will be doing the same route at the same time as the Statendam? Who will ‘lead”?
    Of course, I think it is a pity that the Statendam will not visit Seattle—for the selfish reason of seeing what you would write about the experience 😉
    I hope you have had a nice holiday and that the trip to the ship goes well.

  3. Looking forward to your return as you prepare for the Alaska season of 2012

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