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28 March 2017; The blog is still in Dry dock.

Dear Readers,

My apologies but from a “few days” of the blog being down, it has now gone to more than a week.

The Holland America Line Community Blog site/layout was supposed to  migrate to a new location. All was to be accomplished in a few days but it seems that there is a hiccup somewhere.  Because of this migration I was asked to refrain from making my daily posts. When it has been migrated, then life is supposed to continue as normal.

Cyberspace is beyond my understanding so I just have to wait until the computer gurus have seen the light, or whatever they have to see, to make the migration successful.

I have just transferred from the Zuiderdam to the Westerdam and the plan is to facilitate a school class here for six new navigators. The ship is scheduled to be in Fort Lauderdale on the 30th. of March and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the blog issues will have been resolved by then.

Best regards

Capt. Albert

Watching approx. 18,000 guests & Crew going ashore in Grand Cayman.





  1. No worries, Capt.Albert! The quality of your posts is worth the wait….and we all know, don’t we, that no drydock has ever gone 100% as planned !! Never…
    Are you staying on board for the crossing to europe/drydock yard ? You’d have a pretty captive audience to carry on with refresher courses !!
    cheeers & thanks for your continued efforts.

  2. Hendrik Woldhuis

    March 29, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    Dank voor deze “update”. Ik was al bang dat mijn pc niet meer goed functioneerde.
    M.vr.gr. H.Woldhuis,

  3. I hope your blog returns soon. It must be a large hiccup….
    I also hope the Westerdam’s crossing was as smooth as the Koningsdam’s crossing.

  4. Must have outsourced the “update” to those techies overseas!

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