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25 August 2011; Blog update.

After several months of vacation, it is time for a blog update.  I was able to visit the Muncipal Archives in Rotterdam a few times and that resulted in a lot of information for the captains project and other things that eventually will appear on this website, apart from the daily blog.


1. My sailing dates, see Tab to the right: Notes for the Reader.

2. Photos of the following captains were added: Bak, Bakker G., Balen, Boerdam, Boschoff, Dekema, Gemert, Hollander, Dijk J.H, Jonkers, Kievit, Kooy, Kunst, Dekker L., Hemert, Maazen, Oldenburger, Roosendaal, Scale, Terpstra, Timmer, Timmermans, Werkhoven. More to follow.

3. A new listing of captains with updated first names (where known as of now)  has been added as well, under the main title: Captains of the Past.  About 40 new names were added. The total count has now passed the 170 of those who have passed away and will thus appear on this website. Some more will be added in the coming days.

4. Where known, I have updated the christian names of the captains and corrected the spelling of them. It seems that various publications from the past and even sometimes the HAL archives, have been quite creative in the spelling.  Not that I am amazed, as those outside Holland also seldom get my last name right.

5.  The following -full- bio’s are in preparation and will appear in due course on the website.  Haagmans, Deddes, Van Deventer, Timmermans.  With the  help of the respective families I am gathering material and by the new year I hope to start uploading.

In my last blog I advised that I would be boarding the Statendam in mid october. This has now been brought forward to 29 September. Thus my blogging should start the next day again.

Best regards

Capt.  Albert


  1. Welcome back Captain Albert!

  2. Hi Capt Albert…had drinks with former Capt. Kievit and wife the other night…Said to say regards to you if I came across you again in our travels…they lived up here in Wa for a long time..

  3. Good to see you back captain. You have been away along while.
    Hope your vacation was great.


  4. Thanks for the update – hope that you had a great vacation.

  5. Missed Career at Sea

    September 2, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    So good to see a new entry in your blog again, Captain. That was a lot of work you did!
    I will check up on all those captains of the past that are added next month. This month is simply hammered with special meetings, esp. the week of the 16th, with regard to cruise ships 🙂
    When switching ships from the Veendam to the Prinsendam, you gave yourself a week “to get a feeling for manoeuvring” the new ship (Company policy). Is there a chance that the same policy applies to switching back from the Prnsendam to the (? class) Statendam? Perhaps a 4 days would do in this case ??? ……………….

  6. Hello Captain! The new look today (Sept. 15th) is quite nice. So far it seems that nothing major was lost in transition. I read your introduction to the ‘Captains from the Past’ section and thought I might as well put my two cents in.
    I’m curious about Capt. ‘Jack” Stamperius. I heard a little bit about the fact that he went down with his ship, the Zaandam (I or II?), during WWII, and his name has stayed with me since. I think it would be nice to first memorialize those who have lost their lives during service.
    The things I am curious about are the ships that a captain was in charge of, what influence they had on ship or company policy or on teaching new/younger officers, and perhaps a little story or an entry from a log that shows their command style or sense of humor (or lack of! 😉 )

  7. I have missed your blogs, Captain Albert, and sure do look forward to reading them again when you are back….thanks for taking the time do write……

  8. Welcome back Captain Albert,

    Looking forward to your travels on the Statendam, hope you had an enjoyable holiday.


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