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06 Sept 2010; Oban Scotland

Dear All,

just a quick note to all readers, as you can see I have not been posting for the 6th of september the Oban which call we made on the 7th. However I write the blog the morning after and on the 7th. I had to cancel Portree due to inclement weather. We continued to have bad weather while sailing around the North of Scotland.

I will come back to you as soon as the cruise returns to normal (weather) to finish the last days of this cruise ,blogs and my time on board.

My apologies

Captain Albert


  1. Sorry to hear that Murphy decided to visit the Prinsendam…perhaps he likes the hospitality of the crew and the ship too much. Or the free glass…?

  2. Hope all goes well !

  3. Hope all goes well !

  4. Hope all goes well !

  5. Hope all goes well !

  6. Hope all goes well !

  7. Hope all goes well !

  8. Hope all goes well !

  9. Hope all goes well !

  10. Hope all goes well !

  11. Hope all goes well !

  12. Sounds like Murphy made a visit . Did someone get the Murphy Doll angry?

  13. Hope all is well with the weather now. What is your schedule for 2011. will you be sailing with the Prinsendam on the Grand Voyage from Ft Lauderdale in January 2011.

    Cheers Jennifer

  14. Missing your posts and looking forward to reading them when they resume. Stay safe.

  15. We are praying that all the passengers and staff are okay aboard the Prinsendam after such rough seas. Looking forward to reading about your adventure. Nice to know that the Prinsendam can make it through Hurricane Force Winds.

  16. Ja het kan er lekker spoken op de kop van Scotland.
    Ik zou zeggen goede vaart

  17. Hope that all is well. I’ll contact you after clean-up. Scott V.V.

  18. Hang In There! Stay Safe!
    We are anxious to hear from you, but we can wait.

  19. Glad to see that you made it safely to Tilbury. We have been praying that everyone on board the Prinsendam were okay. Is this the worst seas that you have seen in your career?

  20. Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers.
    We are hoping for the best, especially for our Elegant Explorer.

  21. Missed Career at Sea

    September 13, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    As per sailwx.info the ship made it all right though only today, the 13th of September (if I read the table correctly).
    But how about you, Captain????
    I am also anxious to hear from you, and I can also wait.

  22. We were on the ship and the captain and crew did a wonderful job keeping us safe. great communication from the captain

  23. just a quick question Captain if you can – in rough seas, is the Prisendam rockier than the other ships? Some people say because she is smaller that sh is subject to more rockiness.

    Just wondering as we are looking at a transatlantic on her.

    thank you.

    • No the contrary is the case. The Prinsendam still has the hull for a world wide sea going ship and as it is older is not so box like built as the newer cruise ships. Her bow is so tapered that only near the lifeboat area the straight hull starts. As a result the bow really slices into the waves instead bouncing against it. She is an extra ordinary good sea ship. all cruise ships are safely built but the Prinsendam rides much better with comparable speeds. For a Transatlantic crossing she would be a very good choice.

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