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02 March 2008, New additions to the weblog.

Good morning,

In the past few days the following has been added:

1. Three small photo gallerys: Faces of………….: under the my ship tab.
(With more to come)

2. Another future Avid Cruise article about the first Mass market cruise ship ever built: under table Of days gone by



  1. Captain,
    It is nice to have you back posting to your blog. I trust that you have enjoyed your vacation to this point and will enjoy the remainder of it.

    As luck would have it, a friend and co-worker of mine will be joining your ship in April. His name is Joe Parks and he will be your new Environmental Officer. He is an avid sailor and I know will be a great addition to your ship’s crew.

    It will be nice to see him again when we sail the Veendam to Alaska on May 9th. I hope he is able to attend the Suite cocktail party in the Neptune Lounge the first night out.

    Terry & Barb Green
    Marysville, Washington

  2. Please a link to my site.
    Regard Fred.

  3. Hi great site .Love the Veendam cruised on her 4 times back in the 1990″s .Just got off the Noordam .11 day round trip ont of NYC to the S Caribbean . It was our 70 cruise .It seems like alot of people on the Noordam were very mad that HAL will not be cruising from NYC in the wintertime anymoe ! I find the Noordam to be the best of the Vists class ships .I”ve done the Zuiderdam when she was new . I also think the Veendam is the best in the in the Statendam class . I remember well the old Veendam & Volendam from back in the late 70″s and early 80″s . I also remember well HAL 5th st pier in Hoboken .I grew up in Hoboken .I saw the Rotterdam & Statendam come in to Hoboken for the first time .

    Mr veendam

  4. We have missed you. It’s very nice to have you back. I look forward to reading each of your posts and appreciate the time you take to share them.

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